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Sales Antidote was founded by Bryan Pereyo and his team of top-tier business and financial consultants who brainstorm ideas that deliver pragmatic solutions to financial issues for all businesses, from private practices to large corporations.  We put our clients at the core of everything we do while maintaining the highest levels of compliance, integrity, and professionalism. 

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  • Tim Greteman, Regional Director came to our office several years ago offering his collection services with Kinum, as he felt they had more to offer than our previous service. I asked him if I could contact another company he was working with and he was happy to give me their information as a reference.  After speaking with them, we were sold on moving forward with Kinum.

    Tim is easy to talk to and work with and he made sure we were comfortable making the switch. Tim is always there to help, either by phone or stopping by if needed. Their website is easy to use and the recovery rate is much better than we had expected.  The staff in Customer Service is fantastic and always helpful and responsive. Kinum fees are on par with the competition as we have used a few other services in the past.

    We have never regretted hiring Kinum and we recommend Kinum services.

  • Sales Antidote/Kinum have been a real professional organization to work with! "Just got their most recent check... These guys collected on balances from 2012 and even 2011 on this last one! And (debtor account) when through 2 other collection agencies first. I get to view my A/R online through Kinum/Lariat Portal with real-time updates on all accounts... so I just love it when old balances get taken care of. Even the small ones! I get calls all the time from companies that want to do our collections and I tell the there is no way I'm switching!" The use of your medical interface with our NextGen Medical Practice management software makes the long process of reporting delinquent accounts a breeze now and eliminated duplicate work by my staff. Sales Antidote/Kinum is currently averaging over 58% recovery results and their flat rate collection service is saving us thousands, where we get to keep 100% of what they collect for us.

  • Bryan and his team are great to work with! They have saved us a lot of money and continue to pursue avenues that assist us in collecting money owed to us! We are working with them on additional ventures!

    Bryan's company has collected $725K of the $1.2 million that we have sent them for a cost of about $32,000.

    Nutmeg is happy with their performance!!

  • Sales Antidote Kinum has been our US debt collection partner for the last 36 months. They specialize in a variety of different industries and have delivered excellent results since we started using Sales Antidote Kinum. They focus on delivering excellent results with collection the principal debt


Our Services

Anti Money Laundering

The Leader in AML solutions for Banks; Credit Unions; Property Management; Casinos; Lending Institutions and Technology businesses.

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Debt Collection

The Kinum Debt Collection Process is unlike the average debt collection agency, our comprehensive approach takes the burden of accounts receivable collection off of your office staff and collects more efficiently with gentle but effective reminders.

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Accounts Receivables

Sales Antidote partnered with Kinum provides top-notch, first-party account receivables and third-party debt recovery/collection

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Equipment Financing

Sales Antidote has partnered with Healthcare & IT Capital has been in existence for over a decade providing funding for a broad array of healthcare, information technology, including software only and most recently, energy-related projects.

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