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Why Choose Sales
Antidote/Kinum for your Top Debt Collection Needs

Sales Antidote was founded by Bryan Pereyo along with a group of top-tier business, medical, and technology consultants who brainstorm ideas to increase efficiency and cash flow for small to large businesses, delivering solutions that allow clients to focus on their specialty instead of worrisome cash flow issues.  Sales Antidote's team has revitalized businesses across the Country with its customer-building knowledge and pioneering approach combining industry-changing products and services, including account receivables management and flat-rate collections through Kinum.
We partner with a wide variety of clients – from large companies to private practices to startups - providing pragmatic approaches to solving issues resulting in slow cash flow.  Our creativity begins in the following areas:
• Account Receivables Management
• Reminder Emails for Reoccurring Charges
• Customer Reviews/Social Media
• State-of-the-art Client Interaction
• QuickBooks Interface Using Our App CollBox
• Third-party Collections
• Pre-litigation Review
Accounts Receivables Management:  Slow payers and delinquent accoutns have a severe impact on cash flow.   Our strategic approaches are unlike our competitions' outmoded ("old-school") methods.  Sales Antidote offers an inspirational program wherein are personable agents leverage all allowable methods of contact such as texting, messenger, phone, email, social media, etc., delivering compassionate, yet firm and frequent, reminders to the debtors in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Debt collection agencies are prohibited by law to contact debtors in this manner.
Third Party Collections:  When it comes to profit recovery, a business owner has two options – handle the accounts receivables in-house (first-party), or pay a licensed agency (third-party) to collect what is owed while giving up 30-50%.   Sometimes serious collection efforts are required to get delinquent customers to act on their accounts.  For those rare cases that are unsuccessful through first-party or when contingency collections are preferred, Sales Antidote refers accounts to Kinum, a smarter debt-collection agency.

Advantages of First-Party Recovery Efforts
When you handle your account receivables in-house, you govern the message delivered to your customer.  This is important because the customer may be experiencing a momentary setback, and sending your client a threatening letter will ruin your relationship.  First-party offers a chance to collect your past due profits and still keep the client you have worked so hard to impress while keeping 100% of the money recovered.
Setting up an in-house collection process is a time consuming challenge for any business.  It requires many hours and additional overhead as a smooth-working system requires solid infrastructure, highly-skilled employees, and access to the most accurate databases.  Sales Antidote has the cure!  Use our services and reduce your costs while increasing cash flow, freeing valuable time to focus on your business' core.
Disadvantages of Third-Party Collections
Third-party collection agencies are concerned about one thing – collecting debt.  Unlike first-party, third-party collection agencies hire low-skilled individuals who harass, demean, and prematurely threaten litigation. They do not care about the customer and often report to credit bureaus too soon, destroying the chance to offer amnesty when the debtor wishes to make restitution.
Advantages of Using Kinum, A Smarter Debt-Collection Agency:
Kinum is licensed in all fifty states and offers diplomatic, innovative strategies which shun the competitions' cookie-cutter methods.  Kinum offers flat-rate collections, a one-time fee ($15-$20 per account), and your business keeps 100% of the amount collected!  For contingency services, there are no upfront fees.  If the account proceeds to litigation, Kinum pays all costs and attorneys' fees.  Kinum reports to all nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies through its automated process.  Properly reporting bad debt is a vital step in an effective collection process with many agencies not reporting at all or reporting too early, tarnishing future relationships.
Sales Antidote partnered with Intuit to bring all Quickbook users an innovative, user friendly app called CollBox, the leading cloud collections app, simplifying the process of advancing delinquent accounts to collection agencies.  As the highest-rated cloud collections app on the market, recently named one of the 10 best new apps of the year by QuickBooks, CollBox picks up where A/R management ends, connecting clients to a network of vetted collection agencies saving time, money, and worry.  To learn more about Kinum/CollBox’s integrated application, visit