About Us

Sales Antidote Sales rejuvenates businesses with its strategic approach and industry-changing products and services, including funding, startup network partnership, collections, AML, and financial crime services, core banking, and financing.   Our tactics far surpass our competitions' cookie-cutter methods.

Accounts Receivables Management: Slow payers and delinquent accounts have a severe impact on cash flow. Sales Antidote offers an inspirational program wherein are agents leverage all methods of contact such as phone, texting, email, and social media delivering compassionate yet firm reminders in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Debt collection agencies are prohibited by law to contact debtors in this manner. 

Third Party Collections: When it comes to profit recovery, a business owner has two options – handle the account receivables in-house or pay a licensed agency to collect while giving up 30-50% of the profit. Sometimes serious collection efforts are required to persuade customers to act. Sales Antidote provides a smarter debt-collection service that offers flat-rate collections ( one-time fee of $15-$20 per account) with your business keeping 100% of the amount collected! For contingency services, there are no upfront fees if the account proceeds to litigation.

Our Collections App - CollBox: Sales Antidote partnered with CollBox to bring QuickBooks users an innovative app called CollBox. CollBox analyzes your accounts receivable advancing delinquent accounts to collections with one click.   As the highest-rated collections app on the market, named one of the 10 best new apps, CollBox picks up where A/R management ends, connecting clients to a network of vetted collection agencies saving time and money.  For more information about CollBox, visit https://www.salesantidote.com/collbox 

AML (Anti-Money Laundering): We are positioned to provide the most innovative anti-money laundering/financial crime services.  We work closely with chief risk and compliance officers to understand their unique challenges, propose solutions, and implement the best practices reducing risk and meeting regulatory guidelines.  

ID Proofing/KYC: Nearly 75% of companies were targets of financial fraud last year with costs skyrocketing due to increasing fraud sophistication. Historical Identification verification services are no longer adequate. The answer is Sales Antidotes’ identification proofing/verification services.  We utilize cutting-edge technology to provide the most advanced Identity Proofing and Verification system in the industry, reducing fraud and increasing revenue.

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