Team Management

Bryan R. Pereyo

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Pereyo believes integrity is the foundation of any successful business and personal relationship.  He is the founder of Sales Antidote and its current CEO. Bryan is a successful sales and marketing specialist with brand and customer-building expertise. With over thirty years developing and leading high-performance sales teams, he understands business and the financial drivers that generate revenue.  He is an esteemed profit-recovery specialist, owning a franchise of Kinum, and responsible for recovering millions in receivables. A devoted family man, he is active in community and charity organizations and has coached multiple ASA Gold Softball teams in his home states of Connecticut and New York, with many of his kids acquiring college scholarships. 

Christine A. McCaffrey

Director of Compliance

Christine earned her degree in business from a renowned university and has over twenty-five years in the legal industry working with premier law firms on complex issues including infrastructure, marketing, litigation, public relations, and ethics.  After a successful career managing corporate clients and complex legal cases, she understands the importance of compliance with all federal and state laws and industry regulations. 

Brenda Sgroi

Vice President & Director of Operations

Brenda has over twenty years of experience in medical office management combining her business savvy with her passion for people.  Her most recent endeavor was as Director of a startup wherein she successfully designed, developed, and marketed a dental plan which brought affordable dentistry to thousands of new patients and dentists in the Bay Area.  Brenda was also Senior Production Manager at a high-tech instrument manufacturing firm in Silicon Valley, managing an entire department, until the sale of the company for $2.2 billion. 

As Vice President of Operations, Brenda has designed and implemented a comprehensive customer service strategy that focuses on account management and proactive and reactive services.  In addition to the management of Sales Antidote's representatives, she oversees our client expectation, order and payment processing, data processing, and sales’ support departments. Brenda enjoys working with people and providing them guidance on financial matters and debt alleviation. 

Michael O'Leary

Vice President of National Accounts

Michael has over 25 years of successful sales and marketing experience in the financial and healthcare fields. He helped build a nationally recognized organization with over 100 sales reps in the medical industry.

Selling products to doctors and hospitals to improve patient care while dramatically increasing revenue. A very talented sales/account professional who efficiently multi-tasks and balances clients needs with company goals. Efficiently builds loyalty and long-term relationships with clients while reaching sales goals.

Michael helps all verticals in KYC, AML, and Risk for compliance. Helping industries like banks, credit unions, health-care, gaming, hospitality, and e-commerce. Very qualified in helping companies in any industry to reduce fraud and increase a companies revenue. Also works with clients obtaining financing for medical and dental practices for equipment.

Graduated from Assumption college and studied business and marketing. He is very excited to help bring clients SAK best of breed products and services.

Paul Brockmann

Director of Corporate Finanicing & Funding

For over 35 years Paul has held senior management and directors roles developing unique financial structured solutions to a host of various entities including healthcare, information technology, data centers, solar, banking, proton therapy, medical and dental practices to list just a few. Over a decade ago Paul founded Healthcare & Information Technology Capital( H& IT Capital) as an answer to challenges faced by customers being forced to work within a financial companies “box”. With one call H&IT Capital can offer a broader array of solutions than any lender.