Case Study on Debt Collections for Credit Unions

Published September 6th, 2018 by Salesadmin

Kinum is Currently Averaging over 60% Recovery for Credit Unions on Delinquent Member Accounts and over 40% on Personal Loans Uncle Louie is Averging over 60% recovery for Credit Unions nationwide at a Flat Rate for Case of less than $10 per case and his Credit Unions keep 100% of what Uncle Louie collects for them 

CHECK OUT DETAIL BREAKDOWN HOW WE COLLECT OVER 60% AND SAVES YOUR CREDIT UNION 10'S OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Kinum, Inc. serves as a third party collection agency to Credit Unions needing assistance in B2B and B2C debt recovery. Is it time to increase your profit margin? Talk to Kinum today for outstanding accounts receivable management.

Kinum/CollBox revolutionizes your accounts receivable process Getting paid what you’re owed can be a painful, time-consuming, and inefficient process. The Kinum/CollBox platform automates the collection process by connecting to your existing cloud accounting software, identifying delinquent accounts, and instantly pairing that debt with the best collection agency.


For more information contact Brenda Sgroi at 408-309-8687 

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