Collect Smarter & Keep Your Members!

Published September 27th, 2018 by Salesadmin

Reduce delinquency rates without resorting to expensive collection actions that offend your members. Automate your processes by sending tactful, low-cost payment reminders that boost recovery at the lowest cost—guaranteed! 

Flat Fee collections where you control when contacts are made and can cancel the automated system at any time. Your customers make payments directly to your office and you keep 100%.

Learn More about true cost saving of Flat Rate Debt Collection by Kinum

Benefits of SAK brings to Debt Recovery for Credit Unions

•Fixed Fee approach provides consistency & higher recovery

•All money paid directly to your office during the Connect Phase

•Complete transparency with 24/7 access to activity and reporting

•Easy to use client portal to manage your accounts

•Client support and training

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