Bryan Pereyo the Leader in Debt Collection and Accounts Receivables Recovery


Mr Pereyo believes integrity is the foundation of any successful business and personal relationship. Based on this he founded Sales Antidote, a team of top-tier business and financial consultants who brainstorm ideas that deliver pragmatic solutions to financial issues for all businesses, large and small. His team has revitalized businesses across the globe using the most innovative products and services, including collections, AML and financial crime services, core banking, and financing.

Real Estate & Business executive with significant experience in business advisors, private equity and operational roles with companies across multiple stages of development and subsectors. We offer pioneering approaches and industry-changing products and services that energize and strengthen businesses all over the World, increasing revenue and efficiency. Some of the technologies we offer were developed by the same software teams utilized by US military and intelligence for combating money laundering, identification fraud, and other financial crime.

Bryan Pereyo a Leader in Debt Recovery and Accounts Receivables