Oracle Unveils ‘Blockchain Applications Cloud’; Coinbase And Circle Start ‘CENTRE Consortium’


HTCis bringing an early iteration of its Exodus 1 blockchain phone to “cryptographers and developers from all over the world,” according to REPORTS. The phone, based on the ANDROIDoperating system, has features that allows users to reclaim lost data through a decentralized method.

In other news, BINANCEhas notched an undisclosed investment from VERTEX VENTURES, REUTERSreported. The funds will reportedly allow the crypto exchange to create an exchange for transactions between hard currencies and cryptocurrencies in Singapore.

POWER LEDGERis rolling out a new digital token that could grow the renewable energy industry, according to REPORTS. The token will reportedly be “attached” to wind farms, solar farms and batteries owned by communities.

CIRCLEand COINBASEare teaming up to create “CENTRE Consortium” to help accelerate the adoption of so-called stablecoins that are backed by government currencies, CNBCreported. The group aims to create standards when fiat currencies are listed in the format of a digital currency.

ORACLEunveiled its Blockchain Applications Cloud at its OpenWorld event on Tuesday (Oct. 23), said REPORTS. The applications encompass cold chain tracking, as well as usage and warranty tracking, among other cases. The idea is that the warranty product could help make sure that a product was utilized as intended, and the cold chain product could help ensure that a product wasn’t in an environment where temperatures exceeded recommendations.

The estate of a late Wu-Tang Clan member is going forward with a digital currency, COINDESKreported. A pre-sale for the currency, called ODBCoin, will reportedly kick off this week. The idea is that the coins are not an investment, but rather a way to reward and incentivize fans. They can be used toward merchandise or at shows, for instance.

Oxfam is teaming up with Etherisc for micro-insurance delivered by Ethereum, COINDESKreported. To that end, a blockchain solution from Etherisc will be used for an Oxfam-supported weather index insurance offering. Etherisic’s Inclusive Insurance Lead Michiel Berende told the outlet, “We are tapping into the existing distribution channels that Oxfam has, and looking at how blockchain can lower costs and increase efficiencies and make it easier for many more farmers to get access to this product.”

SQUAREis making its cold storage solution, called Subzero, available as open source software,COINTELEGRAPHreported. The company has made the code, tools and documentation behind the product available to the public, which is backed by a hardware security module (HSM).