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What is the difference between a 1st party collections agency and a 3rd party collections agency? Is either one obliged by law to take legal action for non- payments?

By Bryan

1st party services - Automated calls & letters from you

Proprietary Debt Management Software

Our accounts receivable management software is easy to use and developed specifically for our system. View debt recovery rates, add and pause collection accounts, and manage your collections process from one cloud-based software.

3 letters from your company in your name

Step 1 includes 3 reminder letters sent at the right intervals. Connecting with your customer is important, so we facilitate that connection by sending our automated letters in your company’s name.

2 friendly reminder calls

Step 1 includes 2 phone call reminders, scripted in a friendly manner to maintain customer relationships.

Messaging customized for needs

Your Kinum Partner Rep will consult with you to find which messaging best fits your specific customers’ needs.

Customers are referred back to you

Your customers are instructed to work with your office, so you can control their payment plans, incoming money, and customer service experience.

3rd party is actual Debt Collection - Continued connections directly from Kinum

Turn up the heat

After 5 friendly reminders, it’s the right time to visibly introduce a third party collection agency. Kinum always protects your relationships; our demands are stern yet diplomatic.

Up to 5 collection agency contacts

Kinum connects as a debt collector and applies the right amount of pressure without taking a large percent of your profit or damaging your relationships.

Customers are still referred back to you

Even when your customers require more demanding collection letters, we still refer them directly to you so you remain in control of payments.