SURETY Eco: Your BSA/AML Software Ecosystem

Published November 3rd, 2018 by Salesadmin

SURETY Eco: Your BSA/AML Software Ecosystem

AML Partners’ SURETY® Eco delivers a revolutionary end-to-end and fully integrated BSA/AML ecosystem that includes the following BSA/AML software solutions:


SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring with optional 314a Module

SURETY-Sanctions Screening

Cross-Module Query System accesses *all* data in *all *base modules

Dynamic Risk Modeling for finely grained risk ratings and analysis

Dynamic workflows with user-based permissions

Fully configurable Question Management System with an array of trigger options

Allows you to work smarter and more efficiently—and with customized analytics

Reduces your research time by 50 percent

Facilitates ‘Your Work Your Way’—Dashboard ease, highly configurable, dynamic workflows, and user-based permissions

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