Tackling fraud and money laundering violations in modern financial markets

Published August 30th, 2018 by Salesadmin

The world of financial crime is evolving at a rapid pace. The tools and technologies used to aid crime are constantly developing, causing the nature of modern crimes to be unpredictable and difficult to detect.

As a result, banks around the world have had to pay heavy fines and many have received sharp criticism for serious weaknesses in combatting crimes such as fraud and money laundering. In an environment of new regulations and threats, how can banks keep up with the constantly evolving landscape?

A panel of experts discusses how financial institutions can protect themselves against the threat of financial crime.  

Key topics discussed include:

  • The most effective new tools for managing the risk of financial crime
  • How banks can detect payment fraud and money laundering in real time
  • Steps to take towards tackling financial crime
  • What is required from banks to comply with the new regulations designed to clamp down on fraud and anti-money laundering

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