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Collect your debt for less than $15 and keep 100% of your money


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All QuickBooks Users! Kinum Partnered With Intuit To Create An Innovative, UserFriendly App For QuickBooks Users Called Collbox. Download Collbox For Free From  The Intuit Store, And For $14.95 Per Case, You Keep 100% Of What We Collect.

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App in the Intuit Store:

The Major Thing You Need To Know About How 
CollBox Works? Quite Simply, It Works!

We take care of the technology so you can concentrate on banking the cash.

If a customer hasn’t responded to statements and you have exhausted your resources getting people  to pay, the CollBox platform automates the collection process with standardized pricing and contract  terms with certified and vetted collection agencies.


CollBox integrates with your existing cloud accounting software and helps bring better visibility to  your delinquent account receivables. After your existing A/R management tools have failed and/or  you have exhausted your internal resources, CollBox steps in as the final component in your A/R  workflow by connecting you to a network of certified, vetted collection agencies that help you get  paid when others cannot! Our network of agencies combined with our collections' analytics allow us  to identify the best agencies for your industry and type of debt. This decreases rates, increases  liquidation, and quickly puts more money back in your A/R!

It’s Simple And Quick.

And you don’t have any of the constant correspondence and complicated processes that are normally  

associated with debt collection