ID Proofing/KYC

Identity is at the core of everyday transactions but ever-increasing fraud and ID theft put all transactions at jeopardy. As the issue continues to grow and fraud sophistication increases, effective solutions must evolve and stay ahead of the fraudsters. Historical ID Verification services are no longer adequate to effectively prevent fraud. The answer is SAK’s ID Proofing, Verification, and Data Capture services.

At the core of our offering is Acuant’s leading edge technology. SAK is an authorized Acuant reseller, providing the most advanced Identity Proofing and Verification system in the industry, allowing customers to instantly reduce fraud and increase revenue while providing a seamless customer experience.

Services include:

  • Robust OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for instant and error free data capture and improved customer experience.
  • ID Authentication including document forensic analysis (blue light, UV light, chip and magnetic strip cross reference, etc).
  • Facial Recognition Matching (FRM).
  • KBA and other multi-factor authentication processes.
  • Secondary document verification (e.g. Utility Bil)
  • Secondary source/s cross verification
  • List screening (sanction, watchlist, industry specific (e.g. sexual predator list, healthcare )
  • Complete Professional Services (process driven supplemental manual review, development and integration services).


ID Authentication

Facial Recognition


SAK FRM (Facial Recognition Match) performs checks to recognize a live face and match face biometrics to the picture on a driver’s license, passport or ID:

Acuant has the industry's largest global identity document library with over 6,000 documents, continuously updated to support over 200 countries and all 50 US states. This technology can be used to meet KYC, Anti-Fraud, and Authentication requirements but also applies to data capture automation in virtually every industry including Government, Financial, Health Care, Hospitality, Gaming, eCommerce, Retail, Self-Service/Kiosk, and Access Control/Security.