Debt Collection

The Kinum Debt Collection Process

Unlike the average debt collection agency, our comprehensive approach takes the burden of accounts receivable collection off of your office staff and collects more efficiently with gentle but effective reminders. Sales Antidote is a licensed seller of Kinum's 1st & 3rd party recovery services. 


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A Third Party Collection Agency For Any Industry

We service a wide array of industries, all with one goal in mind: to help the business get the money it is owed and it needs in order to thrive. Regardless of the type of business or organization you run, or whether your collection accounts are for B2C or B2B, the Kinum accounts receivable collection agency can help you maximize debt recovery.


Collecting debt can be an expensive distraction in a busy healthcare practice.  Kinum’s third-party collections takes the pressure off staff, minimizes in-house collection costs, and allows healthcare professionals to focus on taking care of patients.


Our client-sensitive Connect service is the perfect match for educational institutions. By providing friendly and consistent contacts early on,  Kinum collects more money faster.

Banks/Credit Unions

In a competitive financial market every cent counts.  Our DDA Recovery System helps banks and credit unions maximize profits by reducing charge-offs while maintaining positive customer relations.

Business to Business

We understand the necessity of maintaining positive relationships during the collection process. As a commercial debt collection agency, Kinum has a proven record in the B2B market, medical goods and services, education, transportation, utilities, and many other industries.

Debt Recovery Collections Has Never Been So Easy.

Maximize Your Profit

Collecting account receivables early on is the key to maximizing profit.  Kinum Connect collects without taking a percentage and wasting staff time.  

Connect With Customers

The Kinum Connect phase includes a series of reminders to your customer in your name.  They will never know a third-party is involved.

Pay Less Per Contact

With an average price of $1.50 per contact, you are paying less for a proven recovery process versus utilizing your office staff .

Relieve Your Staff

Outsourcing your account receivables takes the burden of debt recovery off your staff. The software is easy to use.

Control Your Accounts

Unlike traditional collections, you can remove an account from the Connect phase any time.  You control the payment options and overall experience.  

Seamless Automation

With 1 click, Kinum begins its automated process starting with friendly reminders from your office.

Collect At The Right Time

Our system is designed to collect before the contingency phase.  If a debt reaches this phase, you can be confident that it is the right time.

World Class Support

Our unique approach allows you to get honest and friendly service from our client support team along with the proven systems, resources, and pricing you can only get with the largest agencies.

Protect Relationships

Data shows that debtors are likely to feel animosity toward your business.  Kinum increases debt recovery and protects your relationships.