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The Major Thing You Need To Know About How CollBox Works? Quite Simply, It Works!

We take care of the technology so you can concentrate on banking the cash.

If a customer hasn’t responded to statements and you have exhausted your resources getting people to pay, the CollBox platform automates the collection process with standardized pricing and contract terms with certified and vetted collection agencies.

CollBox integrates with your existing cloud accounting software and helps bring better visibility to your delinquent account receivables. After your existing A/R management tools have failed and/or you have exhausted your internal resources, CollBox steps in as the final component in your A/R workflow by connecting you to a network of certified, vetted collection agencies that help you get paid when others cannot! Our network of agencies combined with our collections' analytics allow us to identify the best agencies for your industry and type of debt. This decreases rates, increases liquidation, and quickly puts more money back in your A/R!

It’s Simple And Quick.

And you don’t have any of the constant correspondence and complicated processes that are normally associated with debt collection.


Chasing Money Is One Of The Downsides Of Running Your Own Business.

For many people, the whole topic of money is still something that isn’t easy to talk about. We don’t freely discuss our salaries, even with close friends, and we’re even less comfortable talking about our debts.

So even when we’re owed money, we get uncomfortable about chasing payment―especially if we have to make a phone call. And yet this is money that, as a small business owner, is yours by right, if you have fulfilled your side of the contract.

Even if it’s a fee for your time, with no actual costs to pay to other suppliers, it has cost you time that you could have sold to another customer. And every moment you spend chasing the payment is time you could put to more productive and revenue-earning use.

The Payment Collection Industry

Many business owners lose thousands of dollars a year because they don’t have the time or expertise to collect overdue debts.

Yet there is a whole industry dedicated to collecting debt, including many agencies who provide specialist services for small businesses. The right agency takes over the list of debtors and implements proven processes that persuade most of them to pay out. The agency takes a fee for the service, but it’s still better for the business owner than getting nothing at all.

Your challenge is finding the right agency. There are many unscrupulous and expensive collectors among the professionals.

CollBox Uses Intelligent Technology To Transform The Way You Tackle A Basic Business Problem: Getting Overdue Debts Paid.

Putting technology to work in this way creates a new platform for getting paid, avoiding the inefficient and often uncomfortable process of chasing up late payments in person – a process that takes up a lot of time and potentially endangers business relationships.

CollBox takes the hassle out – and brings the cash in.

It’s integrated with QuickBooks too, so all the details of the outstanding payments are automatically processed. That means no extra admin for you – just the peace of mind of knowing that money is on its way to your bank.


It’s good for your clients’ businesses, because it boosts cash flow and means far fewer write-offs of bad debts.

You can provide an effective debt collection service, without having to do any debt collection.

CollBox is fully integrated with your cloud accounting software, so you don’t have to get familiar with a whole new way of working.

And it’s good for you, because your clients value the service you provide. Their businesses can grow and prosper, with you as a trusted advisor who shares in their success.

CollBox Makes It Easy To Provide A Really Valuable Additional Service To Your Clients.

Chris’ Story

So in the end, we have sent about $75,000 in receivables through CollBox. Let me say the experience has been wonderful. I have worked with two agencies, both incredibly nice, professional companies that keep me informed. I have an excel on hand that I keep track of who all of my collections are with, and what the status is. Both of them send me client statements, so I can see what is happening with each account. They also tell me up front which accounts are uncollectible. Either the client has gone bankrupt, or their private detective can’t find them. Yes, I said private detective. So far, as previously stated, we have sent 75k to collections. The collections agency claimed the statistical average for the age of our debt was 12%. In two weeks they have collected on just under $17,000. That’s 23% in a very short period.

– Chris Macksey, Custom Business Solutions

Chris graduated from Bryant University with a degree in Economics and Management. He has spent most of his career in Hospitality, Real Estate, Banking and Retail. No one really knows what Chris does at CBS, but if you ask him he’ll say that he helps manage workflows, helps clients find the right technology stack for their business and develops digital marketing and promotion. Whatever that means.

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The Kinum Debt Collection Process

Unlike the average debt collection agency, our comprehensive approach takes the burden of accounts receivable collection off of your office staff and collects more efficiently with gentle but effective reminders.



A Third Party Collection Agency For Any Industry

We service a wide array of industries, all with one goal in mind: to help the business get the money it is owed and it needs in order to thrive. Regardless of the type of business or organization you run, or whether your collection accounts are for B2C or B2B, the Kinum accounts receivable collection agency can help you maximize debt recovery.


Collecting debt can be an expensive distraction in a busy healthcare practice. Kinum’s third party collection services take the pressure off office staff, minimize in-house collection costs, and allow healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best- taking care of their patients.


Our client-sensitive Connect service is the perfect match for educational institutions. By providing friendly and consistent contacts early on in the recovery process, Kinum will collect more of your money, faster.

Banks/Credit Unions

In a competitive financial market, every cent towards the bottom line counts. Our DDA Recovery System helps banks and credit unions maximize their profit by reducing charge-offs while maintaining positive customer relations.

Business to Business

We understand the unique challenge of collecting on business accounts while maintaining positive working relationships. As a commercial debt collection agency, Kinum has a track record of assisting in the B2B market, servicing medical goods and services, transportation, and utilities among others.

Debt Recovery Collections Has Never Been So Easy.

Maximize Your Profit

Collecting on accounts receivable before they lose their value is the trick to maximizing profit. Kinum Connect allows you to outsource the debt recovery collections process early on without requiring a percentage of your profit to do it.

Connect With Customers

The Kinum Connect phase includes a series of reminders that are generated and directed to your customer in your name., so your customers never have to know that a third-party is involved.

Pay Less Per Contact

With an average price of $1.50 per contact (assuming 10 contacts), you will be paying less for the most efficient and proven debt recovery services than you would pay your own office staff in labor.

Relieve Your Staff

Outsourcing your accounts receivables allows you take the burden of debt recovery collections from your office staff, and watch their efficiency and satisfaction increase. The debt management software is easy to use so they can shift their efforts away from this daunting task.

Control Your Accounts

All 10 contacts send your clients back to you, so you control their experience and payment options. Unlike traditional collections, you can remove an account from the Connect phase at any time with 1 click.

Seamless Automation

With 1 click, Kinum begins its automated process. Starting with friendly reminders from your office and then from ours, then seamlessly handling contingency collections and legal intervention in the rare case either is needed.

Collect At The Right Time

Our system is designed to collect debts before the contingency phase. When a debt reaches this phase, you can be confident that it is necessary and the right time to take this step.

World Class Support

Our unique approach allows you to get honest and friendly service from our client support team, paired with the proven systems, resources, and pricing you can only get with the largest agencies.

Protect Relationships

Data shows that debtors are more likely to feel a level of animosity toward your business due to guilt and defense. Kinum increases debt recovery and protects your relationships from this sort of damage.