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Team Management

 Bryan R. Pereyo

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Pereyo is the founder of the Sales Antidote team and its current Chief Executive Officer.Bryan is a successful sales and marketing specialist with brand and customer-building expertise. He has over twenty-five years' experience in developing and leading high-performance sales teams. He understands business and the financial drivers that generate revenue. Bryan's forte is as an esteemed profit-recovery specialist, owning a franchise of Kinum with its innovative collections' process. Bryan is responsible for recovering millions in receivables. A devoted family man, he is active in community and charity organizations and has coached multiple ASA Gold Softball teams in his home states of Connecticut and New York, with many of his kids acquiring college scholarships.

Christine A. McCaffrey

Director of Compliance

Christine earned her B.S. degree in business from a renowned university. She has over twenty-five years in the legal industry working with widely-publicized law firms on complex issues including infrastructure, marketing, litigation-readiness, trial-preparation, public relations, ethics, and overall firm management. She has vast knowledge of the civil litigation process as well as state and federal laws and regulations. After a successful career managing corporate clients for premier lawyers, Christine knows the importance of compliance, confidentiality, and professionalism.


Brenda Sgroi

Vice President & Director of Operations

Brenda has over twenty years of experience in medical office management combining her business savvy and team building skills with her passion for people. Her most recent endeavor was as Director of a startup dental plan company wherein she successfully designed, developed, and marketed a dental plan which brought affordable dentistry to thousands of new patients and dentists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Brenda was also Senior Production Manager at a high-tech instrument manufacturing firm in Silicon Valley, managing an entire department, until the sale of the company for $2.2 billion in 2010.

As Vice President of Operations for Sales Antidote, Brenda has designed and implemented a comprehensive customer service strategy that focuses on account management and proactive and reactive services. In addition to the management of Sales Antidote's representatives, she oversees our client expectation, order and payment processing, data processing, and sales support departments. Brenda enjoys working with people; specifically, providing them guidance on financial matters and debt consolidation/alleviation.


Don Miller


Director of Business Development Consultant


Don Miller is a well-known business consultant and leader offering a unique blend of executive acumen, global team-building, and consulting. During his career, Don has served as a CEO, COO, Managing Principal, Advisor, and Senior VP of Business Development. He has consulted a variety of businesses including but not limited to: Tele-Medicine Platforms, Medical Groups, CPA Firms, Broker-Dealers, Manufactures, and Entrepreneurs. Don has developed and led successful project management plans and also directly managed corporate business development, mergers and acquisitions, human resources, legal compliance, and top sales forces. He has an extensive background in marketing – specializing in analyzing demographics and marketing opportunities for a variety of different market segments. Don advises our clients on the judicious use of resources and cost containment while training and mentoring our sales representatives on a variety of advanced topics. His main focus is on strategic solutions that further business goals. Don enjoys working with professionals on how to improve performance, gain better insight from their data, and maintain their vision.