Team Management

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Bryan R. Pereyo 

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Pereyo is the founder of Sales Antidote and CEO. Bryan is a successful sales and marketing specialist with brand and customer-building expertise. With over thirty years developing and leading high-performance sales teams, he understands business and the financial drivers that generate revenue. He is an esteemed profit-recovery specialist, a Regional Licensed owner of Kinum, and responsible for recovering millions in receivables. 

Stephanie Moreno 

Director of Compliance

Stephanie earned her degree in business from a renowned university and has over ten years in the legal industry working with premier law firms on complex issues including marketing, litigation, public relations, and ethics. After a successful career managing corporate clients and complex legal cases, she understands the importance of compliance with all federal and state laws and industry regulations.

Brenda Sgroi 

Vice President 

As Vice President of Operations, Brenda has designed and implemented a comprehensive customer service strategy that focuses on account management, proactive, and reactive services. In addition to the management of Sales Antidote's representatives, she oversees our client expectation, payment processing, data processing, and sales departments.